Ecovent Counterflow - EVC

School ventilation

In the UK, all new school designs must comply with standard building regulations. Additional school design specifications and guidelines are also in place to ensure best practice. School ventilation ensures thermal comfort and indoor air quality while not being disruptive to learning or teaching.

Complies with new building regulation
Ecovent Counterflow - EVC

One of the main advantages of using mechanical heat recovery is the energy efficient way it can supply a constant flow of fresh air, regardless of external temperatures. This type of system can recover wasted energy and reduce costs associated with heating the space.

With a range of low profile heat recovery units, designed to fit into shallow ceiling voids, Our Ecovent Counterflow heat recovery unit is an ideal choice for mechanical classroom ventilation.

As well as our standard Ecovent Counterflow units, VES has a variant range: the EVC-A. This variant offers the same features and benefits as outlined below, but with a few key differences.

By leveraging our customer relationships and our in-house expertise in ventilation unit development, the EVC-A was able to meet the client’s very specific requirements where others had previously failed. The EVC-A is now available as a standard product that has a very low profile and a top and bottom spigot arrangement.

Ecovent Counterflow Features and Benefits

  • Premium performance with energy efficient operation: to help meet Building Regulations and requirements for schools.
  • Compliant with Facilities Output Specification (FOS), BB101 and BB102.
  • ErP Lot 6 2018 ready.
  • Low running costs, and the use of EC fans offers maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations ensure that airflow across the plate heat exchanger is optimised and efficiencies of up to 90% can be achieved.
  • Zero cross contamination of moisture, smells or fumes.
  • The range has been independently tested at University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) and can help meet acoustic requirements for sensitive applications.
  • Total control: efficiently controlled heat recovery that allows for free heating / cooling, fully functional bypass to maintain classroom design conditions, and meets noise requirements even in bypass mode.
  • Monitors CO2 and temperature to ensure indoor air quality and comfort levels are maintained.
  • Each unit comes with simple user interfaces, identifying the current operating mode. These controls come with a manual override, to control CO2 levels and summer overheating.
  • Excellent build quality ensures minimal noise breakout, low SFPs and airtight performance.
  • Carefully designed access and maintenance features minimise downtime and total cost of ownership.
  • Low height and suitable for shallow voids.
  • Compatible with mixed mode operation.
  • Can be customised to suit building layouts.
Premium performance with energy efficient operation
Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption
Efficiently controlled heat recovery
Indoor air quality and comfort levels are maintained

To get a better and more detailed understanding of the Ecovent Counterflow ventilation unit, you can view our Ecovent Counterflow brochure

Customised to suit building layouts
Ecovent Counterflow Adapt - EVCA