Continuing professional development

It is best practice to keep up to date with building regulations and have a good understanding on how it can have an effect in the HVAC industry and any future projects you may be involved in. With a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar, you are able to learn about specifics, enhancing and developing your knowledge. Currently, VES offer the following CPDs:

The impact of legislation on non-domestic air handling unit design

  • Building regulations and the approved documents Part F Ventilation and Part L2- Conservation of fuel and power
  • European and British standards
  • Future legislation changes
  • Non-domestic building services compliance guide - Section 10, air distribution systems
  • Understanding Specific Fan Power (SFP)
  • Energy efficient air handling unit design including operational costs and payback periods

ErP and Lot 6

  • What is Ecodesign and ErP
  • What is ErP Directive Lot 6
  • AHU classifications
  • AHU exemptions
  • Technical compliance
  • Consequences to AHU design
  • Providing ERP ready documentation

School ventilation

  • Development of ventilation systems
  • Standards and regulations for school classroom ventilation
  • Implementing ventilation in schools
  • The different types of ventilation
  • Different approaches for the various areas within schools

Healthcare premises ventilation

  • What is HTM
  • Challenges and design consideration in HTM03
  • AHU journey featuring innovation and technology
  • Reduced scope AHU
  • Are you HTM compliant
The duration of the seminars are 1 hour. Delegates will receive a certificate at the end for their records, as well as a selection of CPD course material for further reading. To register for one of these courses, complete the form on this page selecting which CPD you would like to undertake.

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