EC fan upgrades in HVAC equipment

Replacing belt driven fans

At VES, we have been talking about the benefits of replacing belt driven forward-curved centrifugal fans with direct-drive plug fans for years.  The savings in maintenance cost by removing the need to regularly replace belts and pulleys, as well as the energy savings associated with removing drive-loss by connecting the motor directly to the impellor speak for themselves.

By combining these savings with EC technology and VES’ experience with on-site modifications to existing air handling units, we are able to provide a simple and effective solution to suit any site with mechanical ventilation where reducing energy usage and maintenance costs are priorities.

Once installed, EC fans can be commissioned to run at fixed speed, or VES can work with you to understand the requirements of the areas served and develop new controls systems and strategies to suit.  Modulating the fan speed in response to specific time requirements or occupancy-based controls allows even further reductions to energy usage.

Replacing belt driven fans
EC fan upgrades

Upgrading to EC plug fans

You should talk to us about upgrading to EC plug fans if you or your client are:

  • Responsible for multiple air handling units with belt driven fans
  • Focused on reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Driven to deliver projects with demonstrable return on investment

VES project management

From your initial enquiry to project completion, our dedicated sales, technical and project management teams are focused on understanding yours and your client’s needs, to ensure that projects are delivered with minimum disruption or downtime wherever possible.

This process starts with our external sales team, who will be happy to meet you at your offices or on site to understand your requirements, before bringing in our technical estimating team to carry out detailed surveys of the existing equipment and provide tailored proposals with Return On Investment (ROI) calculations.

When you are satisfied and happy to proceed, we will hand over to our project team, and an experienced project engineer will work with you to deliver the project on time, before providing handover documents with detailed energy readings to prove savings have been achieved where possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about upgrading to EC plug fans, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation with our sales team.

Alternatively, check out our Tesco EC fan upgrade case study, where we upgraded 1,400 fans across 800 stores, saving 3.7GW of energy across the estate.