How does EC fan technology reduce energy consumption

Overview of EC technology

EC Stands for Electrically Commutated, where AC and DC voltages are combined to provide the best of elements of both technologies. The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. EC fans are capable of intelligent speed control – further reducing energy consumption.

EC electric motors utilise a permanent magnet in the secondary field. When the rotor is energised it creates a repelling magnet, thus allowing the motor to rotate within the field. 30% less energy is saved in EC over an AC motor, as the secondary magnet field does not need to induce energy to create a magnetic field.

Smaller motor and higher airflow equals better system efficiency

EC Fans fitted in AHUs

VES Air Handling Units are fitted with the latest fan technology from Ziehl Abegg, including the ECblue fan, which delivers increased efficiency as a result of consuming far less power than a standard AC motor.

VES offer a wide variety of EC fans and motors in all of their products, as well as offering a wide range of EC fan replacements for all types of ventilation, covering Axial, forward curve and plug fans.

Features and Benefits

  • High Efficiency – compact motor controller solution cooling effect by air stream around the motor/controller is optimum
  • Future proof and ready for ERP 2018
  • Reduced energy consumption. On average 30% less electricity than conventional fans
  • Significant noise reductions within the motor due to switching frequencies of built-in inverter drive
  • No need for additional motor protection. EC fans have their own motor protection for overcurrent and motor temperature
  • Easily integrated with BMS control
  • Easy to maintain, maximum service life
  • Speed consistent operation over whole voltage bandwidth of the ECblue types
  • Space saving design due to external rotor motor concept
  • Maximum speed independent of main power/frequency
  • Integrated status LED – no separate display or other tool for status failure diagnostic
  • High flexibility through different add-on modules – easy extension adaption possible
  • Speed controller or PID closed loop function by AM Premium module for application refrigeration, air volume, differential pressure control, temperature control, air velocity and more – no external PID control unit necessary
EC fan technology for improved energy efficiency
All fans are compliant with Building Regulations
Low energy consumption fan technology
Noise reductions within the motor due to switching frequencies