VES works with Wates to deliver tailored Ventilation Solutions

When Wates were looking for a ventilation provider to support them with their new schools design, VES were able to quickly move to understand their need for a bespoke solution to suit their new classroom layout, with clearly provided information and design support being key to ensuring success.

Wates Construction Ltd
Design, develop and deliver a brand-new classroom AHU range to suit existing room designs, meeting noise, efficiency and cost expectations.
VES quickly worked to develop an understanding of our client’s requirements and produced a range of highly efficient MVHR units specific to Wates School designs.
School builds can prove challenging
Complying to building regulations
Complying to building regulations
Complying to building regulations
Correct ventilation for classrooms


By the time VES started working on the project, Wates had already developed a classroom design that utilised a bulkhead to incorporate the ventilation equipment for the classroom. This design required a specific layout for the MVHR and it’s connections, however previous designs from alternative suppliers had proved unable to meet the stringent energy and noise requirements in BB101 and BB93.

The project was particularly difficult as we had to work within existing space restraints as well as guarantee performance whilst ensuring compliance with all legislation and regulations. We had to develop a solution in a very short timescale and provide technical support to a client with little or limited understanding of the HVAC sector.

VES develop a new product design specification for air handling units


VES agreed to develop a std classroom unit - Ecovent Adapt - and test it to ensure performance and guarantee compliance with DFE regulations/specifications. Following the successful development of this first unit, we then went on to develop two further units to provide ventilation for the larger Science classes and smaller teaching spaces.

Complying to building regulations
Complying to building regulations

VES developed units creating a client-specific design.


The three Ecovent Adapt units developed with Wates allowed us to work with them on new school designs, securing a further 11 schools across the country. Wates have confidence that working with VES will ensure all their designs will result in successfully delivered projects with market leading ventilation products tailored to their specific requirements.