Ecovent Wheel

Premium efficiency heat recovery

Constructed to meet recognised engineering standards, the Ecovent Wheel range achieves the highest rating for deflection, leakage, thermal transmittance and thermal bridging in an independent test to BS:EN 1886. Heat and airflow losses are minimised, capitalising on the energy recovered from the high efficiency thermal wheel.

  • Schools
  • Heat recovery

Features and benefits

Ecovent has been the acknowledged market leader in heat recovery air handling units for over 10 years.

  • Meets BB101 and FOS overheat requirements, through mechanical ventilation mode
  • Designed to meet BB93 requirements
  • Utilises natural ventilatoon and has low specific fan power in mechanical mode
  • Accurate CO2 and thermal comfort control, varying fresh air and utilising free heating/cooling recovery
  • Simple user interface with indication of operating mode
  • Manual overide to control CO2 levels and summer overheating
  • Slim line, lightweight construction, saving space and easing installation
  • Single wallor facade location negating the need for ventilation stacks or ducts, reducing installation time and cost
  • BIM files available

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