Ecovent Hybrid

Natural ventilation enhanced by a low power fan

The Ecovent Hybrid ventilation system uses a combination of automatic mechanical ventilation and manually operated windows to achieve classroom comfort conditions. These conditions are maintained by supplying a variable volume of fresh air to manage the room CO2 and temperature levels.

  • Schools

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Features and benefits

The Ecovent Hybrid was designed by VES specifically to find a solution for school ventilation and their building regulations.

  • Meets BB101 and OS overheat requirements, through mechanical ventilation mode
  • Designed to meet BB93 requirements
  • Utilises natural ventilation and has low specific fan power in mechanical mode
  • Accurate CO2 and thermal comfort control, varying fresh air and utilising free heating/cooling recovery
  • Simple user interface with indication of operating mode
  • Manual override to control CO2 levels and summer overheating
  • Slim line, lightweight construction, saving space and easing installation
  • Single wall or fa├žade location negating the need for ventilation stacks or ducts, reducing installation time and cost
  • Extract only version available for science and practical applications
  • BIM files available

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