In partnership with Wirth Research, VES presents AirDoor

14 Mar 2023


Having just won CIBSE's ‘Product or Innovation of the year – Thermal comfort’ category, after being successfully installed in many different trial sites across the UK and Europe, AirDoor is showing significant improvements in both building energy efficiency and reduced wind and rain infiltration. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, AirDoor integration into prestigious retail spaces is seamless.

The AirDoor utilises active targeted airflow to help maximise building energy efficiency. Using several different sensors, the integrated controls system drives a variable speed fan array to create a plume of air that counteracts wind fluctuations and prevents unconditioned air infiltration whilst minimising air loss to the outside. This helps maintain thermal comfort inside the space without the need for additional heating or cooling.

Replacing traditional overhead heaters, it is a bespoke free-standing product that fits internally around the entrance of retail spaces and can easily be retrofitted to a wide variety of door sizes to provide a sustainable solution for the future.

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