Dogs for Good puppy partner

29 Jun 2021

VES are proud to be working in partnership with Dogs for Good, a life-transforming charity, creating partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs.

As a dedicated sponsor to two Dogs for Good assistance puppies, VES will support the training and development of Fenton, a 4-month-old Black Labrador, and Colin, a 9-month-old Golden Labrador.

Fenton and Colin will receive the love and support they need from their socialisers, who will help the puppies to learn about the world around them, to become obedient, calm, and confident assistance dogs.

Fenton has an exciting year ahead with lots to learn and plenty of love and cuddles with his new family.

It is early days, and his socialisers cannot predict how his personality and behaviour will develop, but with their love and support, he has every chance of success.


Colin has a consistent routine to help him develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone and basic obedience. Colin plays with anything that can be put in his mouth or made to move.

He also sits to command and his socialisers are working on his wait and stay.

As Fenton and Colin develop, they will become an assistance dog, partnered with an adult or child with disabilities or a child with autism, or a community dog, working with a specialist handler in a community or school. Whichever path they take, Dogs for Good will change somebody’s life.

"It was an absolute gift to be involved with 'Dogs for Good' who do such amazing positive work with both people and of course the dogs.  Our employees were keen to take part with the fund-raising activities and we all had fun being a part of such a worthwhile cause this year” Kez Cordwell, HR and Talent Director.

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